Thoughts, tips in bullet points. Gerry’s attempt at “bullet point journalism”.

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What’s this about?

  • Let’s talk tech community building
  • Who? Gamers, gadget enthusiasts, tech savvy folks
  • Many want to reach and influence them. But how? Chris Isak gives tips.

Who’s Chris Isak?

  • Journalist and Founder at TechAcute
  • Collaboration Tech and Smart Building at GMS
  • Marketing and…

Trust your gut — great advice in my opinion.

We’ve all experienced butterflies in our tummies when faced with decisions. Sometimes we have a naggy feeling we can’t shake off — “something feels off about this…” I personally get anxious. Heart beating faster, jaws clenching, tension in my shoulders, neck…

The follow spot on digital marketing and communications has gotten bigger and brighter. Marketers and PR professionals find themselves being asked about their thoughts about “influencers” and if it’s going to be a part of their strategy.

While commonly associated with lifestyle bloggers and Instagramers, the influencer trend has crept…

Here’s part 2 of shining the spotlight on the B2B influencer perspective of the label “influencer” and it’s not-so-favorable reputation.

I struggle with this a lot as a communicator and PR type. Labels do matter in our world, especially when a slight difference in naming changes the perception and bias…

Let’s talk B2B influencers. How do we feel about it?

I think it’s mostly an issue with the word “influencer”. It’s somehow gotten a bad reputation and so most would preferably avoid being associated with the term.

The “influencer” term has stuck though, like it or not. So while we…

Geraldine Lee

Media & community relations at Ericsson Network | Singaporean in Sweden | B2B Comms | I think tech is magic | mad social scientist

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